The makers of Red Vines created delicious, new Fruit Vines. We created the "Fruit Vines bump." It's what you do to celebrate life's wondrous moments.



National TV Spot


(AD/CW favorite version - rough cut w/o final animation)




Putting your schedule, GPS and other data together, your phone will reward you for tiny triumphs worthy of a virtual "bump." Like making it to the gym. Or getting to your yarnbombing lesson on time. Win a free bag by scoring enough bumps.

Spot a wiener dog? Drunken karaoke? Earn extra bumps by uploading to the Fruit Vines Facebook page with the tag #bumpme


Creative director: Brad Gantt

Copywriter: Harvey Kaner

Art director: Armand Kerechuk

Director: Josh Miller, B-reel

Producer: Andrew Tucci

Fruit Vines (American Licorice)