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The honor was mine to work on one of the world's most prestigious finance brands.

All the email campaigns we developed used what Amex refers to as progressive marketing, which moves the conversation through the purchase funnel for customers. They also use performance marketing, which is business-speak for constant testing and optimizing.





Hilton Upgrade - Reminder email

Upgrade Hilton EM-1.png
Upgrade Hilton EM-2.png

Blue Card Preferred Upgrade - Awareness email

Upgrade BCP Awareness EM-1.png
Upgrade BCP Awareness EM-2.png
Upgrade BCP Awareness EM-overview.png

Blue Card Preferred Upgrade - Reminder email

Upgrade BCP Reminder EM-1.png
Upgrade BCP Reminder EM-2.png
Upgrade BCP Reminder EM-3.png
Upgrade BCP Reminder EM-overview.png

Direct mail

Promo APR self-mailer bi-fold

Amex promo APR DM-bifold self mailer.png
Amex promo APR DM-letter.png

Promo APR letter

Copywriting: Harvey Kaner

American Express
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